The main difference between laundry & dry-cleaning is water.  Laundry uses water and detergents during the washing process, whereas dry-cleaning uses chemical solvents.

A care symbol is an image that represents the method of cleaning.  Such symbols are written on care labels attached to the clothing to indicate how a particular item should be best cleaned.

Stains require prompt treatment for a successful removal.  Unfortunately, hand washing is not an effective way of removing stains.  Most stains can be removed with special solvents and equipment used by professional dry-cleaners.

The following list provides an indicative time frame for cleaning personal items.  Processing time may take longer for reasons such as stain removal, extended drying times, and other factors:

Clothing               1 week

Quilts                    2 weeks

Carpets                4 weeks

Express service, such as same day or next day service applies to the laundry & dry-cleaning of clothing items only, at an additional charge.

Before placing your garments in the closet remove the plastic bag.  Leaving freshly cleaned garments in plastic bags can cause yellowing, staining, mildew growth and weakening of fibres.

We can collect your garments from home or your workplace.  Refer to our delivery schedule page for further information.