Domestic Laundry & Dry-Cleaning

Domestic Laundry

Cleanliness and good health are inextricably linked. At Snowhite, domestic laundry is washed not just to remove stains or the odour of perspiration, but to ‘sterilize’ the garment and rid it of any bacteria.

Domestic laundry is processed carefully and to your individual requirements. Our tried-and-tested programmes take away any guesswork and offer you the confidence to clean and care for a wide range of different textile, fibre and garment types.

Our laundry process effectively cleans shirts, jeans, pullovers, trousers and other cotton-based garments.  In addition, speciality items such as synthetics, quilts, soiled jackets and uniforms can also be cleaned. Shirts will be returned skilfully folded and ready to wear, while trousers are pressed with precision. Items are always adequately packaged to ensure your laundry stay fresh no matter how long it is stored for.


Domestic Dry-cleaning

Dry-cleaning is a process of cleaning clothes with a fluid that contains little or no water.  The self-enclosed and constant filtering system of our dry-cleaning machines provides an environmentally safe solution that effectively safeguards the vitality of your garments.

Dry-cleaning helps to remove those ‘invisible stains’ that, if left untreated, will break down fibres causing irreversible damage to your clothing.

Regular visits to your dry cleaner’s can remove spots and stains that would otherwise become permanent with age. We understand that you have invested a lot into your wardrobe. As a result, we choose the process that is best suited to the nature and conditions of each individual garment in order to ensure your total satisfaction.

Wedding Dresses & Delicates

We know how much care and attention you give to your delicate garments and we endeavour to do the same. Dry-cleaning is suitable for delicate fabrics and other clothing items which cannot be washed by water, such as wedding dresses, evening dresses, business suits, dinner jackets, scarves, and other garments. It provides a very effective way of removing oily stains, without changing the garment shape or altering the texture and the colour of the fabric in any way.

All garments are checked for manufacturer’s suggested care labels, fibre content and any visible stains that may require additional attention. We replace missing or broken buttons and attend to minor repairs at no additional cost. All items are then hand-finished by our quality pressers, perfect for that professional look you expect.