About Snowhite Laundry

Family-owned and managed, Snowhite Laundry has been in business since 1955.

With over 60 years experience in this industry the company has developed to provide laundry, dry-cleaning and linen rental services to both residential and commercial entities, including some of the leading operators in Malta’s healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality and catering sectors. We are also proud to be the leading laundry firm entrusted for many of Malta’s best five star hotels.

Our History

Our rich history and expertise in the industry gives us the knowledge to move forward as the leading laundry company on the island.

The story of Snowhite Laundry starts back in 1955 at the residence of the parents of the current company owners.

Initially the company’s focus was on providing a laundry service to the British Services stationed locally. However, following Malta’s independence and the gradual departure of these British servicemen in the 70s, the company shifted its focus to providing laundry services to the growing hotel and restaurant sector, while also providing dry-cleaning services to the domestic market too.  At the same time the company also began its jeans processing operation, exporting international branded denim wear across Europe and North America.

The company moved into its current premises in Ta’ Farsina, Qormi, in 1990, permitting the company to significantly increase its capacity and further integrate management and logistic processes. This gave us the faster turnaround that we desired – both in our laundry and dry-cleaning departments. We also introduced of a wider range of washes and treatments, improved finishing results and aimed at wider market penetration.

We never stopped short of our customers’ requirements. The company’s vision and insight into the needs and developments of the market is perhaps best demonstrated in the installation of Malta’s first computerised tunnel washer in 1995, dealing with the growing demands of our clients. The decision to offer a linen rental service to our clients followed later that same year.

Over sixty years on, we have successfully developed from a small home-based operation into a professional laundry and dry-cleaning business with a workforce of an average of 100 employees.  This success is the result of our company’s commitment to continuously providing quality-driven services.

Our Facility

Our plant capacity and levels of sophistication allow us to cope with large service levels and to achieve high quality standards. Our delivery fleet makes several domestic and commercial collections and deliveries each day.

Environmental Awareness

Working for clean laundry in a clean world

We understand that modern-day choices are very much eco-based. Our corporate responsibility extends to the resources we consume and our overall impact on the environment. To this end, the management team is continuously developing practices to guarantee quality laundry and dry-cleaning services, while at the same time utilising resources in the most efficient way possible.

So far, we have implemented the following measures to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • Investments in modern machinery that consume less energy and provides faster and larger outputs
  • Water recovery systems
  • Heat exchange systems
  • Regular maintenance of the company’s delivery fleet
  • Preventive maintenance and cleaning exercises to ensure machines operate at efficient output levels, and breakdowns are kept at a minimum.
  • Alternative packaging methods to reduce plastic consumption
  • Consumption of environmentally sensitive detergents
  • Investments in alternative energy technologies

Educational Commitment

We play an active role in educating our customers. Organised tours are held on a periodic basis to provide business clients with an insight into the laundry and dry-cleaning processes. The tour includes an explanation of the various stages of the washing process, our internal tracking system and quality control measures. We also give the opportunity to listen to feedback directly from personnel who work on the frontline and discuss any areas of improvement.

Snowhite also works closely with the Institute of Tourism Studies (ITS) and their students are provided with lectures and onsite training. These students represent future housekeeping and linen keeping staff of the tourism industry. The training sessions provide them with a firsthand and practical experience which could prove invaluable to their future careers.